Add Mistress or Pro Dominatrix in the global list (directory)

Hi, I'm Mister V! This is a website devoted to Pro Dommess and Mistresses. Here you can submit your Mistress profile and I will post it when it's checked. The cost is $490 for 6 months placement, cryptocurrencies are only available. You'll get approx 200 leads per months on average (depends on your profile, photo, location). In case you want premium banner at right side - it costs $490 per month (+300 leads approx).

All the traffic and leads we have are high quality by default. It's all organic traffic from search engines

The guideline:

  • Pay $99 to the wallets below
  • Submit the form and specify your payment transaction
  • -
  • Forms without the payment will be ignored
  • Use your real photo and photo that belongs to you and you can prove it
  • We post only Mistresses with their own websites at the moment. So please provide a valid link
  • Would be nice if you cross post a direct link to with any banner you like on your website. You can pick a banner which fits you the best here - Banners

Wallets you can use for payment

    ETH 0x47dd645436d151d98f9adefa099ca891ef115fef
    BTC 1JffmGxsehXHZuZdxWA3EzsvT5LrQRgpw6
    USDT TRC20 TTnQup9uYqemkdiL1SEEFXHTwRveHHnx4p

You can buy crypto here for instance