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There are a lot of Mistresses in China you can find on this page to get meet in real life. We show only the most relevant Dominatrix in local area. Whether you are a submissive or not the best session with real BDSM Mistress is waiting for you

Mistress Alessandra

2839 1936 0
31year old SM Dominatrix Alessandra based in Shanghai with chastity & sissy slaves worldwide. I have tons of experience in SM scenario design, pegging...

Mistress Milanna

4154 5776 0
I'm a well traveled bilingual Shanghai-based Chinese dominatrix who enjoys dominating subs from all over the world. To me, domination is more than jus...

Mistress Hang Er

3561 3371 0
My domination style is a mix of playfulness, strictness and pure sadism. I enjoy teasing and denying horny subs and commanding them to do as I pleases...

Back to Dawn

2019 2430 0
Professional Artist Domina Group... enter their mystical and immersive theatre and begin your adventures with these beautiful Dominas!

Goddess Jean

2306 8632 0
Beautiful Chinese Dominatrix looking for gentlemen slaves.

Goddess Qing

3603 7943 0
Absolutely stunning Oriental Mistress; an intelligent Lady embodied in a sensual sadist character; you will squirm in Her Domain like a worm!


940 7680 0
BackToDawn is an experimental project initiated by a group of femdom artists living in Shanghai. We welcome visitors from all over the world. You\'re...

Mistress Rose

0 2128 0
Mistress Rose, an elegant highly educated bilingual career business woman in public with years of experiences as a lifestyle domme conducts various sc...

Mistress Wu (Woo)

1299 9132 0
I travel around a lot, but these days I spend most of my time in Shenzhen China, Hong Kong, and Bangkok Thailand. I am a Buddhist in vanilla life but...

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